Nature, this one word creat such a beautiful image in our mind, it gives our mind a relaxation a relief 😌.

Some great person said that what you gives to nature it will give u back with interest. Its funny right? How can nature return our favour? 😳 But it does! Now here the question comes how? And again the answer is complicated right..?! Lets make it simple by understanding the nature… Ya its not easy to understand it but yup is also not impossible 😉.

When nature is happy it will shine its green art among us, it smiles to us with the sunlight and it laughs with the cold breeze even in hot summer… Its crazy right.. I know it is. But this just happens because the nature was happy 😊 its enjoying but suddenly there is lot of uncertain things happens, like pollution, global warming, deforestation etc where nature feels suffocated and hence after giving so much n getting these poison nature starts to revolt in the form of different means. Later we question that why this things are happening? And answer remains simple because we deserve it….